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Our Story

Born from the rich heritage of Nigerian-American designer, Nneji Akunne, AKACHI was brought to life in 2021. Embodying the elegance of a luxury fashion atelier, AKACHI, meaning "hand of God" in the Nigerian Igbo dialect, combines refined aesthetics and sustainable practices, offering a unique take on fashion and consumption.

AKACHI is more than a brand – it is a testament to mindful craftsmanship, producing collections that are defined not just by their sophisticated allure but also their commitment to sustainability. Each piece is artfully handcrafted to order, utilizing a curated selection of vintage and deadstock fabrics. This practice ensures the brand's contribution to reducing textile waste and promoting circular fashion.

As a beacon of cultural reawakening, AKACHI bridges past and future, intertwining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies to create modern, limited-edition pieces. The brand embraces a slow-fashion approach, making each garment a valued object of style and sustainability.

Every collection crafted under the house of AKACHI pays homage to our cultural roots while celebrating the future through contemporary, timeless designs. The result is a portfolio of cherished pieces that inspire preservation and longevity, invoking a sense of legacy that can be passed down through generations.

With AKACHI, fashion transcends fleeting trends. It becomes a medium to cherish, preserve, and narrate a story of culture, craft, and sustainability.